Fifteen years later.

Jun rig groot_voor.jpg

This needle Juniper was started up from a yamadori clomp with nearly no branches, this photo was taken about 4 years after the 1st styling.  The secret to build a tree up with young branches to a tree with branches who can stand on their own, without wire, is powerfull growth. In the meantime maintenance can continue on the more developped branches, powerfull growth can only on a couple of branches a year. When you let everything grow than it is neglected and become "top heavy". Also this was a long time project.


Once your goal is achieved the real work can start. Maintaining and keeping the tree healthy, knowing different kinds of techniques and knowing when to use which on the same tree brings the tree to international exhibition level.


prachtige boom dit is waar wij naar streven in de hoop dat dit ons toch eens lukt gewoon prachtig patrick

Posted by: patrick | 12/28/2012

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