Mondays workshop - One to One.


This is the best time of the year to shape and repot a Taxus. Positioning the branches, full with new buds, in such a way that everything faces upwards.


New position in its pot and styled. Again another tree that in spring is ready for following up.


There are lots of trees among our students ready for their refinement phase. This rigida needed one last selection in branches. Everything will be selected wisely in order to obtain good results while pinching in summer. This step is the most difficult phase towards a mature image of a rigida. This kind of pruning is being performed by me in our nursery. The trees are being presented here on appointment.


Die rigida is echt wel een zalige boom zo op die rots, en de cotoneaster is anders ook niet slecht...

Posted by: Dirk | 04/21/2013

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