"One to One" workshop.


The Acers that grew their foliage outdoors have almost matured and become ready for pruning. This is a tree of excellent quality that has had light pinching performed by the owner.


It was a very wise decision for such “top material” to be presented on a “one-to-one” workshop because this kind of work has to be performed without distraction. Also it is better that the pruning needed for balancing is being continued non-stop. Even at a professional tempo 2 hours were required.


Inner and outer growth well balanced.


Only one branch needed gentler trimming in order to gain strength, all the others were well balanced.


A one-to-one workshop doesn’t mean working on a lot of trees but it does mean working neatly, correctly and with an eye for detail. This is the reason I perform the more delicate tasks myself while the owner observes until he or she has understood everything so that they can continue more self-confident. In this case the owner brought with him a second tree on which he could apply about the same technique while I pruned the bigger one.


Each tree has a different approach on how much it needs to be trimmed and on how much foliage has to be removed. All of this is being determined by the inner buds. With all the trees undergoing this technique, the second trimming pays of the most regarding good, well-grown ramification.

 “One-to-one” workshops are very interesting for important and intensive operations. They last 2 hours. It’s purpose is to learn techniques correctly that cannot be performed on a group’s workshop due to time limitations.


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