Late spring view_2.


A new display for big forests and landscapes. This is the view from the workshop area.


On the left forest planting of Acer Campestre, on the right Larix forest.


Fagus Sylvatica forest and Picea jezoensis forest.


Yamadori Larix forest and Kimura’s Taxus. This kind of displays on gravelled areas with a zen character is not a problem for forest nor for large trees. With smaller ones the soil in the pots will dry out too fast when standing in this kind of environment.  In that case it is more difficult to maintain a high air humidity.



Display on gravelled ground in full sun. Here we create more humidity with water-rocks and water-pots. The background in green keeping a high degree of humidity during a big part of the day.



Another view from our studio. The bonsai are being incorporated in a small garden therefore making a whole landscape. It is quite important to create  high humidity with lots of vegetation. The displays aren't too high above ground level, not only to avoid heavy wind but also to keep moistness in the pots longer. In summer this whole area receives water in the evening. All of this results in keeping the humidity high for a long time even if the trees are in full sun during the day.

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