Zelkova niré.




To air-layer sho-hin the sphagnum moss is being filtered through a fine sieve. This will improve better root formation.


The layering is necessary, this Zelkova niré has been built up to a fine base and it is being trimmed to stimulate second growth. The problem that we have to solve is the reversed taper line of the trunk base.


It’s going to be an interesting kifu or chu-hin, which will be determined after the layering.  A short, powerful and wide tree in the natural style for this variety.


An all round layering with root formation at the trunks’ bottom of the main tree.


A plastic container pot which has been cut for this purpose is used to keep the sphagnum moss together. On top we put a layer of akadama which is being lightly mixed with the sphagnum. First check-up will be the end of September because that is when we expect the first new root growth. When the result is satisfactory the layering is being removed and transfered in a first training pot.

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