Pinus sylvestris.


Best time for pinching pines.


This pinching technique is only meant for trees that are already in a favourable phase of development for a couple of years.


The longest candles are being removed, some completely, others partial leaving just a small part, and this depending on the amount of back-budding.


In this developmental stage we limit our activities to the selection of candles while at the same time we still wait with picking the needles. This task could have been performed up to about a month ago. So during the outgrowth of the young candles needles are left alone for they, together with the young buds, are to brittle. Also leaving a few needles is necessary to enhance better back-budding.


In this season besides pinching and selecting candles and buds balancing of the branches is also required. This is a selective pruning for trees in their phase of development which is being performed from  around their second year of training until their final shape has been achieved.


A thinned out branch now ready to enter the growing season of pines with good results.

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