Taxus cuspidata.


Pinching Taxus cuspidata. During the developmental years pinching is done in different ways. All the time according to the needs of the tree and branches.  Here this tree is in a phase where we pinch only on the outer part of the branches.


A minor issue here: the fertilizer lies too concentrated and thick on the surface. Therefore it has to be raked apart more to prevent root damage by burning. We find ourselves now in the most important season for healthy and successful growth of both prebonsai and bonsai. Every mistake that is made now will be punished by growth being brought to a halt, dying of young or even older branches, silting-up of the surface, even young buds not opening and so on… Fertilizing is important but in a correct way and at the exact  time.

Even with this Taxus a light pruning is being performed along with pinching to keep everything in balance. The densification of the plateaus follows rapidly as a result of each growing period and this will occur very beautifully in the best placed branches. All other twigs with no future are being removed regularly during the whole development phase. This is growing bonsai the “Old Skool” way.


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