Tamarix 1.


This Tamarix came in my possession beginning of the 90’s. Originally it was a straight trunk. It was on this tree that I practiced to make a saba miki with powertools for the first time. Throughout the years  the tree leaned over more and more and that’s how I obtained this beautiful shape.


Tamarix is one of the varieties fitting excellent for weeping-style. The young shoots grow each year plentiful and straight up and they need to be thinned out, selected and wired.


A very old weeping tree with lots of character. Within the next few months some more wiring will be performed. This is one of the trees that will always keep their image but will need to be adjusted every year in this style. Every time at the end of summer we have a tree well balanced in foliage/trunk.

The old trunk will always have to play a leading role here. It is for sale for an interesting price.

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