Good Ol'days_Visit to Mr. Iwasaki - 1.


Visiting the late Daizo Iwasaki in 2005. Mr. Iwasaki visited my garden a couple of times and he was an honoured guest at the Ginkgo Awards. In 2007 he appointed me as advisor for the WBF (World Bonsai Federation).  However, from that moment I decided  that I could mean more here on my own bonsai nursery and that there was no time left to hold a traveling position in the bonsaiworld.

FOTO 1.jpg

Until he died we kept in touch though and the man understood my situation completely.

FOTO 2.jpg

Big Juniper chinensis yamadori.

FOTO 3.jpg

Juniper chinensis yamadori styled by Kimura on the world congress in Korea, I think it was in 2002 or 2003.

FOTO 6.jpg


His recently created  landscape garden.

FOTO 4.jpg

This is only a part from Mr. Iwasaki’s bonsai collection. He was a collector and didn’ sell any trees.

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