Acer p. deshoyo_Part 2.

acer p deshoyo010.jpg

After one growing season; The grafts have grown into the holes and new shoots are being cut back once. Still, these plants don’t look as roots nor render visible results yet.

acer p deshoyo011.jpg

A year or three later. On the grafts little twigs are being thinned out and cut back. Left: a tree from the same series. Right: the better developed project.

acer p deshoyo012.jpg

Every summer the tree is getting a light maintenance trim. The green leaves below are from the grafts (the pulling plants).

acer p deshoyo013.jpg

From the fifth year on the grafts begin to perform their task well and provide a wide trunk’s base.

acer p deshoyo014.jpg

Every now and then the shoots are pruned back drastically and new, lower branches are added.

acer p deshoyo015.jpg

The project has completely grown towards its ample dish.  Every midsummer trimming the grafts. The tree receives an even bigger dish.

acer p deshoyo017.jpg

After 7 years, the grafts (Branches) became roots.

acer p deshoyo018.jpg

Wiring and styling. The tree has developed going from a 38 cm to a 76 cm pot. The grafts keep up the good work year after year.

acer p deshoyo019.jpg

The base of the tree’s trunk, now 19 years later, the pulling ends are completely removed but only after 12 years and the roots were drastically shortened after every repotting.  It took a long way but it was worth it.


a long job.. but a vry nice result!
do the pulling ents on the grafts have to stay on that long?

Posted by: Alex W | 06/19/2013

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