Juniperus rigida.


This rigida has been left to grow for a longer period before it was ready to be trimmed. The last 10 years It has had a very intensive maintenance  and thus in the next few years it will need a longer time for the new growth to mature and strengthen  before we prune it. But even then it will still be trimmed two to three times each season. On this picture it is trimmed halfway starting from below.


Detail of the trimming. The longest growth is the one that has been selected last year to pull on the tree this spring.


The pulling shoots that will be trimmed the next time are now equally spaced. It is important to foresee this every time you trim in order to prevent  growth being brought to a halt during summer.


Apart from pruning the foliage that has grown too dense had to be selected and needles were thinned out as well. This is the tree after a day’s work.

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