Juniperus yamadori.

Juniperus chinensis032.jpg

This Juniperus yamadori has been photographed near the end of 1999. The tree was kept in a wooden box for about 5 years and was now ready for its first styling.

Juniperus chinensis033.jpg

The foliage was strong and healthy. There was only one branch which was hanging next to the trunk.

Juniperus chinensis034.jpg

First thing to do was cleaning up the dead wood, giving it more structure and refining the jins.

Juniperus chinensis035.jpg

I bended the one branch as compact as possible towards the trunk with some tension wires and I placed the foliage around it.

Juniperus chinensis036.jpg

After thinning out the foliage and selecting the usable branches I repotted the tree in an ample pot. The foliage wasn’t ready enough for a refined styling. Since the outer parts were thoroughly trimmed back and there was only inner foliage of lesser quality left, refining should best be postponed for a year or two. We refer to this as a pre-styling with instant powerful regrowth.

Juniperus chinensis037.jpg

Possible back side. During pre-styling no definite front side is chosen yet.


Five years later the tree was presented on a “Ginkgo Bonsai Award”. Back then it was still supported by wire. A front side was chosen and a good suitable pot. On this picture taken in 2005 it is the first fully grown stage. The way to maturity however is still a long one. There is a big difference between trees with dense foliage and mature old trees.  About the further refining one can read post 05/11/2012 “Preparing for rewiring” and a next step in post 08/11/2012 “Wiring and positioning branches Juniperus”.

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