Juniperus procumbens.


Two years ago this Juniperus procumbens was transfered to a bigger bonsaipot. The tree reached the end of its first developmental phase meaning it has grown completely dense and fully developed after the first styling.


The two years in the bigger pot without any intensive maintenance have made the tree more powerful again.


Compact ramification and growth has never showed itself in this tree yet. Now it is time for the preliminary trim.


This tree carries all the features in both trunk movement and placement of branches to become a high quality bonsai.


The second phase in development is even more important but if the first one hasn’t been correctly performed with regard to initial wiring and necessary fixation, it is simply useless to start it anyway. this tree is now ready and thinning out and selecting the right branches can begin.


Top view on the thinned out tree.


Inside view with fixated and nicely moving branches.


Detail of the thinned out foliage and selected branches.


All the work at this point is done.  I never go a step too far. The first next trimming is due near the end of summer. In the winter there’s one last wiring scheduled. Next spring a repotting to a smaller suitable pot in a slightly different angle so that the trunk is  a little more above ground.



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