Saturday's workshop - Chamaecyparis - Hinoki.



This Chamaecyparis has been successfully maintained  with the right technique for  the last  7 years. The foliage has placed itself too high above branch level though and therefore it is time for a different approach.


 This Japanese “Hinoki” has not been grafted but it is standing on its own roots. A beautiful root base of its kind. This is a very old tree that has been in training for about 25 years.



The full grown crown before thinning out.


The foliage that has grown too high up.


The foliage after pruning back and thinning out. The next 4 to 5 years the earlier technique can be applied.  A lot of old  bonsai require a different  matching trim technique every number  of years to keep the tree into proportion. After that it is being built up back to its top level and each time it reaches an even older image.


Fantasic tree! Hope to see the results of the drastic pruning.

Posted by: Dirk | 07/08/2013

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