This Buxus did not have vigorous growth anymore.


The reason for this was a wild plant variety that was growing in the rootball and was strongly encircling all of the roots. As a result, water and nutrients were no longer absorbed adequately. The tree has not been lifted out of its pot for this would have been too dangerous in this time of year. The weed was removed in all as good as possible.


The younger roots are now covered with a layer of moist sphagnum moss.


After which they are covered with a new layer of bims/akadama.


Then another thick layer of sphagnum and finally enclosing pot and sphagnum with gunny in order to keep humidity high and to protect it against birds.


The tree was put in a shady place on the ground and this for the rest of the summer. Operations like these cannot be postponed up to the next repotting season. Sometimes there is more to be done than just watering, providing the right habitat and fertilizing. Anyhow, this tree has been saved from going  down hill all the way.

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