Juniperus rigida.



This rigida juniper didn’t  show it’s expected growth anymore, what could be the reason?

Deze Juniperus rigida wilde niet mee in de verwachte groei, wat is de reden?


No inner budding so no possibility to prune back.

Geen binnen knoppen dus geen mogelijkheid om terug te snoeien.


Thinning out and starting over.

Uitdunnen en opnieuw beginnen.


Problem found, the root core has completely dried up while the outer part was still ok. In the core however not a single organism would be able to live so the only thing the tree could do was trying to survive, which it fortunately did. Learning to water a tree the correct way is a priority in bonsai, every mistake in that area has its implications.

Probleem gevonden, de wortelkern was poederdroog en de buitenzijde was OK. In de kern kon geen enkel levend organisme overleven dus de boom kon enkel proberen te overleven en dat deed hij. Correct leren water geven in bonsai is prioritair daar wordt iedere foute handeling afgestraft.

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