Exhibition - Tentoonstelling.

Peter Foele, nog een oud leerling die heeft toegezegd om aan de tentoonstelling deel te nemen.

 Peter Foele, another ex-student who agreed to participate in the exhibition.





My name is Peter Foele. I was born in Belgium, and have moved to the west coast of Scotland in 2003.

Shortly after my national duty, I started with the beautiful hobby which is Bonsai.  From the early stages I studied under Danny Use, owner of the Bonsai Centre Ginkgo.  As one of his regular students,  I occasionally assisted him in demonstrations in Belgium and Holland.  As I gained in knowledge and experience, I became more involved in the upkeep and maintenance of the trees and helping Danny in the maintenance of his top-quality trees in his private collection.  This enabled me to tap deeply into Danny’s in-depth knowledge of how to maintain a Bonsai from its early stages of development right up to the well-established Bonsai (as can be seen in exhibitions like the ‘Kokufu Ten’ in Japan).

As one of the core members of Danny’s Club ‘ Kei Bonsai Kai’, I assisted  with the preparations for the Ginkgo awards from 1997 up to 2001, as well as the last edition in 2006. From 2004 onwards, I am an active member of the ‘Kawabe School’, focusing on the Japanese way of working with Bonsai under guidance of Takeo Kawabe-san.  This enables me to hone my styling and horticultural skills even further.

Since 2006, I have started giving workshops and lectures, mainly in Scotland.  I have also started a Bonsai School, helping people in their quest for in-depth knowledge of the Japanese approach to Bonsai, as well as the different (styling) techniques and horticultural knowledge involved. 









Benieuwd naar de bomen... Een schot in de roos...

Posted by: dirk | 01/30/2016

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hoewel ik door tijdgebrek niet veel workshops kunnen doen heb, onderhoud ik mijn bomen nog goed.. ik kijk echt uit naar deze tentoonstelling en hoop in de toekomst terug meer tijd te hebben om mijn boompjes naar een hoger niveau te tillen zodat ik zelf ook zou kunnen meedoen..

see you there!

Posted by: Alex | 01/30/2016

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